Office Desk

Desks – looks & practicality

Your work area needs to be aesthetic enough for you to want to work at, but it also needs to be practical enough to get your work completed. Consider your needs! Do you require a deep desk to accommodate a lot of paperwork or will you be working mainly on your computer? Try not to encroach on your room space, more than you need to – a larger desk can often mean more clutter. A good desk should grow with you! Having the ability to add drawers or a hutch at a later stage, is always a good idea. You will still be using the same amount of space that the desk already takes up on your floor, but it allows you to utilise both the underside and top side of your desk.

While open plan is appealing, it’s not always functional. Inevitably there will be cords and power boards – on or under your desk – unless you are completely wireless. Glass desks and open metal frames allow you to see everything underneath the desk and generally do not allow for addon’s. Consider a desk that can hide the cords behind panels. If nothing within the standard range suits your purpose, consider having one made to your specifications. It may take a little longer, but it is may be worth the wait.

Office desk